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We are intentional about all of our supplier partners and look for opportunities to include the most local and fresh ingredients in all of our recipes.  Our retail and food service partners take pride in the foods they share with guests and we take pride in the quality of the ingredients we use. 

Sugarcane Seller


It was more than surprising when we first found out that most granulated white sugar is not vegan, however it was an opportunity for us to focus in on the manufacturing processes of our ingredients so that we can provide ultimate ingredient transparency.  Most granulated white sugar is processed with bones that have been burned to create a charcoal like substance in the refining process that removes color to create pure white crystals.  We choose to produce our candies and dessert sauces with bone char free pure cane sugar.  


Having grown up in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, Charleston's marshes bring back memories of sunny summer vacations and that unique Sulphur scented breeze as you cross local bridges to head to your favorite beaches.  These diverse ecosystems bring credence to the saying "there's something in the water".  The team at Bulls Bay Saltworks has been harvesting and growing salt from the waters of the Lowcountry since 2017 and we are proud to craft our sweets with their small batch salts. 


Partnering with dairy farmers is a choice we made very early in our business plans, but finding the right family farm who could produce high quality ingredients was full of learning curves.  Although we found a partner for Amish style butter quickly.  It took some time to find the right creamery who produced high quality and high milkfat cream.  We proudly craft our Sweet Cream Caramel and Butterscotch sauces with cream from Mills River Creamery in Mills River, North Carolina and butter from Happy Cow Creamery in Pelzer, South Carolina. 


When we first began crafting brittle, we didn't realize how challenging it could be to source vegan/plant based fruits and nuts.  However, we researched and found local nut farmers who could authenticate their farming practices and sourced fruits dried in pure cane sugar to avoid bone char in the sugar refining process.  Our brittles are ALWAYS vegan and crafted with quality ingredients from farms we trust.

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