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How to Cut a Gourmet Apple

We love, love, LOVE gourmet candy and caramel apples from Chocolate Artworks, but how in the world are you supposed to eat them?!? Check out our step by step instructions below!


1. Place your apple upright on a clean dry surface like a countertop or cutting board.

2. Use a knife that is sharp and has a blade that is at least 3-4 inches longer than your apple is wide.

3. Hold the apple in place by the stick with your non dominant hand. (Lefties will hold the apple with your right hand and vice versa)

4. With your dominant hand, use the knife to make a cut 0.5 - 1" to the right ( or left depending on handedness) cut the apple all the way through to the bottom.

5. You did it! Repeat until you reach the core and enjoy 🤗

If you're looking for an amazingly indulgent gourmet apple you HAVE to check out Peggy's team at Chocolate Artworks. They use our Sweet Cream Caramel Dip to make these yummy treats even "sweeter"!

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