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Hot Cocoa Bombs Are Here To STAY!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

This year we saw an explosion (pun intended) of requests for hot cocoa bombs and we have jumped on the train! So, what are some fun ways to enjoy hot cocoa bombs?!? Check it out below!


Let's start with the basics! Hot cocoa bombs are amazing with hot milk of any variety. Whether you are using cow's milk, goat milk or even plant based milks like cashew, almond, soy, hemp or macadamia, it will taste amazing! First things first, warm 8 oz of milk to 100 degrees Fahrenheit; don't stress about the temp, water boils (at sea level) at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, so 100 isn't going to burn your tongue, ha! Now that you milk is hot, in a separate and empty mug add your hot cocoa bomb and pour your hot milk over the bomb. Pop on a pair of fuzzy socks, press play on your favorite Netflix show and enjoy!

Cafe au Chocolat

So hot cocoa is a great way to cozy up to the cold weather but it's also a great way to start the day! One of my favorite ways to start a Monday is to treat myself with hot cocoa and coffee! Pop your hot cocoa bomb into your special coffee mug and pour 8 oz of piping hot coffee over. Open up that laptop and begin your day with an extra special treat!

Grown & Boozy

Spice up your hot cocoa by adding your favorite spirit! Following the traditional recipe, warm 6-7 oz of milk to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (you're saving space for the booze). In a separate mug, place your hot cocoa bomb and pour the warmed milk over. Stir so that the chocolate and hot cocoa mix are well blended. Now add 1 oz of alcohol for a grown-up kick! My favorite spirits are Appleton Estate Rums (literally all of them), bourbon, whiskey, or even a fun flavored vodka like Pinnacle Whipped Cream.


Now that you've crafted your hot cocoa it's time to dress it up! Whipped cream, candy canes, and white chocolate peppermint are all yummy flavor add-ons, but the BEST topping is our Sweet Cream Caramel Sauce. Head over to our online store to order a jar today.

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